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About Seattle Experimental Animation Team
Seattle Experimental Animation Team (SEAT) is a collective of animator/filmmakers who use a wide range of techniques to make films frame by frame. SEAT uses nearly every technique from classical hand-drawn to computer animation. SEAT's members make films independently, but group endeavors involve non-traditional screenings and interactive events such the Long Walk installation in Tolt-MacDonald Park in July 2011 and the ongoing WALLRUS installation/performance for Sound Transit in Cal Anderson Park. Our growing collective of award-winning animators includes Webster Crowell, Stefan Gruber, Sarah Jane Lapp, Salise Hughes and Tess Martin.

'Inter-Action' is a program of twelve films by SEAT that is touring Europe in October 2011. Curated by Tess Martin, these films explore inter-actions – action between each frame of motion as well as between each subject on screen. Made individually by twelve members of SEAT (Seattle Experimental Animation Team) these thought-provoking films reflect on love, insanity, faith and murder. Bruce Bickford appears in this program as an honorary member of SEAT.

'Inter-Action' premiered at the NWFF in Seattle, WA on June 16, 2011 and has screened in New York City at 92YTribeca on July 18, 2011 and the Anthology Film Archives (NewFilmmakers series) on July 20, 2011. This European tour marks the first time most of these films have been seen overseas. These are the upcoming tour dates:

London: The Horse Hospital, Sat Oct 8, 2011
Newcastle: Star & Shadow Cinema, Wed Oct 12, 2011
Groningen: VERA Zienema, Mon Oct 17, 2011
Amsterdam: EYE Film Institute, Tues Oct 18, 2011
Berlin: Lichtblick Kino, Sun Oct 23, 2011
Vienna: MuseumsQuartier (presented by ASIFA Austria), Mon Oct 24, 2011
Paris: La Peniche Cinema (part of La Fete du Cinema d'Animation), Fri, Oct 28, 2011

The films in this channel represent a sample of their work, but are not the same films that are included in Inter-Action.
For more information about SEAT and the tour dates, visit
Animated by Seattle artist Drew Christie, this video for "Empress of the North" for the band Moondoggies tells the story of a man losing something, finding it again, and then.. well.. you'll see.
One man’s nightmares take physical shape in a rising tide that seems to be taking the form of each and every figure in the crowd. By Salise Hughes.
This stop-motion animated film follows large drops of water as they travel through rocks, ferns, plant roots, microbes and other creatures that naturally clean them. By Britta Johnson.
A collection of keys, coins, and other junk-drawer objects, rendered by crayon rubbings to form a cast of characters. By Aaron Wendel.
A book comes alive and triggers a journey through thoughts and dreams. By Tess Martin.
A poetic meditation on the desire to make permanent what is ephemeral. By Salise Hughes.
An animated interpretation of the Great Seattle Fire of 1889. Made using linocut prints. Animated by Drew Christie, narration by Amanda Moore, written by Amanda Moore and Drew Christie.
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