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In the film Trying, from 1998, a young woman in a grey dress, her face veiled by a wig of the same material as that of the dress, vainly attempts to mount an elephant. No matter how hard she tries to conquer the wrinkly grey massif, the animal continues to chew away, complacently staring into space. He does not resist her attempts; nor does he accept them. The scene ends as abruptly as it began. One could mentally repeat the action over and over.The way in which Susan Sontag associated the happenings of the sixties with the structure of dreams relates, unexpectedly, to Post's alienating visual world: "...this is the alogic of dreams rather than the logic of most art. Dreams have no sense of time; neither do happenings. Lacking plot and continuous rational discourse, they have no past."
Artist - Title (2009)
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