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Frequently asked questions


Who can create an account at Instant Cinema?

Instant Cinema is a platform for experimental filmmakers and artists who work with video as a medium. To join Instant Cinema, you need a personal invitation.

I do not have an invitation; can I still join Instant Cinema?

Instant Cinema works with an invitation system where only invited filmmakers can create an account. If you have not received an invitation and want to become a member of Instant Cinema there are two options: 1) If you know a filmmaker who is already on Instant Cinema, ask if they can invite you; 2) send an email to with a link to your work and a short explanation who you are. Our curators will look at the entries and select who is eligible for an account.

My invitation link doesn’t work, what should I do?

Please send an email to with your invitation mail attached. We can send you a new invitation.

How do I create an account?

You have received an invitation to create an Instant Cinema account by email. Click the link in your email and you will be directed to the sign-up page of Instant Cinema. Fill out all necessary information and you will receive an email with your personal url and login codes. Anytime you want to edit your personal Instant Cinema account go to 

How can I customize my personal page?

In your admin page go to Settings -> Display options. Here you can add images or change the display options of your page. If you are familiar with css and html go to settings -> css & html. Here you can create a completely customized page.

I want to invite other filmmakers, how does this work?

In your admin page go to Settings -> Membership invites. Here you can generate up to five invites. After generating an invite, copy the invite url and send it to the filmmaker you want to invite. Note that each invitation can only be used once.

How can I change my account settings?

In your admin page go to Settings -> Account details and change your settings.

I want my page to be easier to find on Instant Cinema and the web.

You can optimize your page for search engines by creating a meta description. In your admin page go to Settings -> Account details -> Description (SEO). You can also add tags to your account and to every project.


What is the difference between Channels and Member Pages?

Channels are curated by institutions (museums, festivals, archives) or guest curators. Member Pages are for individual artists.

I work for a film/art institution or as an independent curator and am interested in curating a Channel. Who do I contact?

We would love to hear from you. Please contact us through 


How do I upload a film?

In your admin page go to Project list -> New project -> Select film -> Upload film. Here you can also add film details and images.

What file format needs my film to be?
  • Must be Quicktime H.264 or FLV
- Sound must be AAC
- Maximum file size: 500 MB

  • Recommended video width: 640 pixels, height variable depending on aspect ratio

  • Recommended data rate: 1200 kbits/sec
  • Be sure videos are optimized for streaming instead of download 
For exact setting of MPEG streamclip see:

  • Note that if your film does not have AAC sound already you need to check AAC instead of uncompressed.

I have uploaded a film but it does not show.

If you have uploaded a film, but it is not visible in your personal page or on the homepage you probably forgot to check the off/on switch of that film in your project list.

How do I manage my content?

In your admin page under Project list all your projects, pages and links are displayed. By clicking on one you are able to change information or add tags.

Can I make a link to my own website?

Yes. In your admin page go to Project list -> New link to create a link. The link will appear on top of your personal page.

Legal Rights

Do I retain the legal rights to my work?

Yes. By adding your Content to the website, you do not transfer any rights, but you grant and its affiliates, successors a worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free, sub-licensable, transferable license to use, copy, transmit, distribute, perform, publicly perform, display and make derivatives of (to the extent this is necessary to make the Content compatible for the website) your Content. These licenses are revoked by the deleting of your Content from the website. 

Can I post works of others?

You are not allowed to post work of others if you are not the copyright owner of that work or if you do not have permission of the copyright owner to post that work.

Read more about the legal terms and conditions here


Why would I share my films on the internet?

Sharing films online is a personal decision every filmmaker has to make for his/her own. We believe the internet is a medium that valuably coexists alongside the theatrical and festival screening circuit. It can generate a larger audience for your films and promote experimental film in general. We hope that Instant Cinema is a good environment for you as filmmaker to share your film online.

Can uploading my film to Instant Cinema create disadvantage for film festival selections?

All film festivals have different policies in regards to exclusivity. Check the policies of the film festivals you want to apply to and then decide to upload your film or wait till after the festival.

Is it possible to download my film from Instant Cinema?

It is not possible to download films from Instant Cinema. However there are always people who find a way to rip films of the internet. We do everything we can to avoid this, but like any other video website, we cannot guarantee 100% protection.

I have not found the answer to my question, who do I contact?

If you read the F.A.Q. carefully and still have questions, please contact us through a We will try to answer as soon as possible.
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